Funding application: State funding for many objectives!

For the vast number of companies, industries, and products there are in the country, the federal government, the EU and many foundations have created an equally large and varied amount of funding instruments. It is therefore important to find the right one from the hundreds in existence! 

The objectives of state funding include: research and development, investment in new jobs, qualification of employees, climate and environmental protection and energy saving. It is worthwhile to examine all effects of a planned project for their relevance to the funding.

The conditions

Before the government funds your project and not that of your competitors, some prerequisites must be fulfilled. These vary depending on the objective, funding donors and funding programme.

For support in research and development, the following is necessary:

  • The objective - your product, your technology, your service - should be innovative.
  • A future product must have very good chances on the market.
  • Depending on the funding programme, the development project must use state-of-the-art technologies, apply the latest scientific findings for the first time or even carry out research itself.
  • Your company must be in an economic position to bring the development project to a successful conclusion - development must not overextend the company financially.

There are other prerequisites for subsidising operating investments (in buildings, machinery, etc.), for example

  • (in particular) geographical location in an economically weak region,
  • the creation of new jobs or the safeguarding of existing ones,
  • the particular financial effort of the company - usually the investment must be significantly higher than the average figures from the last few years.

Consulting and possibilities.
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