Funding Programme "Einsparzähler“ (Energy Saving Counter) Measuring, Evaluation and Saving of Energy with innovative digital Systems

On February 2, 2019 the new funding programme "Einsparzähler" (Energy Saving Counter) was published. By means of this programme the state finances market entry, testing and development of digital technologies for saving energy. The aim is to have innovative instruments for saving electricity, gas, oil, biomass, refrigeration or heating. The government leaves it to the market which technology will be used to reduce the consumption. And this is good!

01The Pilot Programme

Therefore, the federal government supports market entry and development of digital innovative platforms. What are they expected to achiev

  • Consumption of energy will be precisely measured according to the very facility.
  • The savings potentials will be identified by the measurement data and be "translated" into concrete actions of energy savings.
  • This could be either modified operating sequences, optimised maintenance activities or the acquisition of a new, more economical refrigerator.
  • The success, i.e. the energy saving, will be proved to the energy customer by measurements.

02 The Funding Cornerstones

Those companies are eligible for the funding that introduce into the market and develop this kind of "Einsparzähler" programme.

The time needed for the installation, the supervision of the systems at the customer will be financed as well as for example the development of the algorithms for the automatic creation of the savings suggestions to the customer.

Especially the personnel costs for the project implementation make a significant difference in terms of the project costs. The overhead will be calculated at a flat rate with a supplement of 100 % on the personnel costs. Additionally, the cost of materials, travelling and investment costs etc. will be taken into account.

03The Funding

The funding is limited to 2 Mio. EUR per project and amounts up to 50 % of the proved project costs. Additionally, the marketing expenses for the project of maximum 250.000 EUR can be supported by 80 %.

The funding requires a sufficient big saving potential: Only 25 % from the funding sum will be paid at any rate. The payment of the remaining 75 % will be bound to a sufficient big energy saving.

Last detail: During the pilot project revenue can be aimed at - it will not be deducted from the funding!

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