Förderprogramm „Einsparzähler“Messen, auswerten und Einsparen von Energie mit innovativen digitalen Systemen

Can climate targets be achieved? What funding should the government provide, what kind of regulation should it avoid? The “Einsparzähler” (Energy Saving Counter) is a state funding programme that provides a powerful technology-open incentive for market entry, testing and development of energy-saving digital technology

The pilot programme

How can digitisation be used to save energy? The federal government supports this with innovative pilot projects for market entry. What makes this funding programme so special is its technological openness and the fact that it is very much tied to the energy saving actually achieved.

Consumption data for electricity, gas, refrigeration or heating will be recorded and evaluated in a device-specific way for a subsidised pilot project. This allows savings potentials to be identified and “translated” into specific measures. On this basis usage changes can be initiated, processes and operating sequences can be modified or maintenance measures optimised.

The main cornerstones are:

  • Those companies are eligible for the funding that introduce into the market innovative digital products for measurement, evaluation and reduction of energy consumption.
  • In doing so the consumption data shall be largely allocated to the specific unit. By this means tips and advices for an energy optimized operation can be made available.
  • Energy savings for private customers (for example, private tenants) are supported just as much as commercial energy consumers (for example, industrial companies). 

The funding

Multi-year pilot projects should provide energy savings for their customers by demonstrating and testing newly applied state-of-the-art technology. The funding is limited to EUR 1 million per pilot project, and marketing expenses for the project can be subsidised with 80%. 

The federal government launched the “Einsparzähler” (Energy Saving Counter) programme in 2016. What’s advantageous about it is the fact

  • that it is very practical; it does not finance research for future use but current market launches.
  • Revenue can be generated during the pilot project - this is not offset against the funding.
  • Applications can be submitted at any time; there are currently no deadlines set.

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Die Förderung ist auf 2 Mio EUR pro Projekt begrenzt, sie beträgt zwischen 25 und 50 % der nachgewiesenen Projektkosten. Zusätzlich können Marketingausgaben für das Projekt von max. 250.000 EUR mit 80 % bezuschusst werden.

Voraussetzung für die Förderung ist ein ausreichend großes Einsparpotential: Von der Fördersumme werden nur 25 % auf jeden Fall ausgezahlt. Die Auszahlung der restlichen 75 % ist gebunden an eine ausreichend große Energieeinsparung.

Letztes Detail dazu: Während dem Pilotprojekt können Einnahmen erzielt werden - diese werden nicht auf die Förderung angerechnet!

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