Mobile communication

01Mobile innovation

Many innovations result from the intelligent combination of already known state-of-the-art technologies. A company from Brandenburg set itself the task of developing new applications in the field of mobile communication and making these accessible to the market.

02Mobile display

A mobile display of data that does not need its own power supply would be helpful in many areas. For example, batches of conference participants could be updated with information on-the-fly. 

03The technology

The company puts what’s known as a bi-stable display together with an RFID system and develops a software interface for common industrial software applications. The first direct application will be in aircraft production; assembly boxes equipped with displays will show the next assembly task to the engineer. In addition, the system was used for displays during the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014.

04The financing

This development project was supported with funds from the federal government. A subsidy from the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) was awarded for this.