A new centre of excellence for oncology is being created!

01The task

Traditionally, medical care is very strictly divided into different specialist areas. This is also true of inpatient care for cancer patients, and in university hospitals. It is referred to as a medical “silo structure”, which causes specialist knowledge and treatment as well as institutes and clinics to remain strictly divided. How can this be broken through for optimal patient care? 

02The solution

To overcome this problem, German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe) launched a competition for “Comprehensive Cancer Centers”. With financial support from German Cancer Aid, leading university hospitals will undergo an integral restructuring, which will pool all scientific activities and enable patients to use all the Cancer Center’s resources via a single access point. 

03The advisory

I assisted a very large university clinic in preparing their application. The decisive part here was not writing application documents, but facilitating communication between all participants within the clinic and other participating institutions. 

04The result

 After a five-month preparatory phase, a successful application was submitted and a mid-seven-figure sum for restructuring was obtained.