Incentives Advisory cannot be studied, it can only be learnt in practice.

Since 1999, I have been supporting applications for individual funding in the region of EUR 90,000 and 40 million. My clients can be found across Germany and Europe in the fields of business and science. They include start-ups with three employees and globally active corporations with 390,000 employees. I would like to mention a few funding projects here as examples of how specific problems can be solved with the aid of public subsidies.


Energy Saving Counter

Power requirements and energy consumption for rail transport differs substantially from that which we are used to with cars. A car often requires the maximum power of its engine at cruising speed - with rail transportation, approximately 30% of engine power is sufficient for driving at the same speed. 

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Energy-based operation management of heating systems

Around 38% of the total energy consumption in the Federal Republic of Germany relates to "building energy", and the largest part of this to heating and hot water generation.

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