From inception to completion, I will assist you with the funding application for your plans. You do what you do best: the technical content of your project idea. I, in turn, do what I do best, i.e.

  • assessment of the funding opportunity,
  • coordination with public sponsors,
  • the careful calculation of the appropriate time and costs for the objective and funding programme
  • the formation of project consortia (if necessary)
  • the best possible formulation of applications for funding, 
  • the support of negotiations until funding is approved.

But, and above all, I will be your scout who knows the pitfalls of applying and will help make the application a success!

We advise you

The first step is always the easiest (in this case)!

In general, only the future is subsidized, never expenses that you have already incurred. Therefore, you should check suitable funding programmes as soon as possible for their subsidy amounts, conditions, required effort and opportunities.

What may sound complicated is made easy for you: It just takes one phone call. It goes without saying that I assist you in assessing which funding option best suits your company and plans; all without paying a penny!

Six- to seven-figure funding sums - the best things come to those who wait!

Solid planning and calculation, convincing presentation, from deciding on funding to the funding decision - one just has to take some steps, wait a few weeks until the positive funding decision is made, and the first payment can be requested immediately. Procedures and times between the application and the project sponsor’s decision differ from one funding programme to the next. However, expect the following times from your first call with me until funding begins: 

  • Week 01: Project discussion, funding programme
  • Week 02-03: Short draft, informal inquiry
  • Week 04-05: Feedback of project sponsor
  • Week 06-14:  Creation of funding application
  • Week 18 - 24 (ca.): Receipt of funding decision

Advisory fee - what’s reasonable for advisor and client?


You want to fairly reward my qualified advice. Qualification, expertise and the economic benefit you receive should be appropriately considered. At the same time, the fee should match the client’s financial circumstances. I can offer you three tried and tested options for a balanced fee agreement.

A time-based feeis common

Advisory fees are often calculated as a time-based fee according to effort in person-days. A framework for the time expenditure is agreed at the beginning of the consultation. I mostly arrange a time-based fee with large companies – this is the usual basis on which I calculate advisory fees with them. 

A fee equalto the success of the funding advice

This is often agreed with medium-sized companies: The success-related remuneration with a “starting fee”. Once the funding suitability of a project is established, a small fixed amount is charged at the beginning of the specific application preparation. The vast majority of the advisory fee is then - and only then! - due when the funding award is legally binding. 

Advisoryin exchange for a stake in the company

At the beginning of an elaborate development project, a start-up particularly needs its financial resources for the development effort, and would rather avoid additional costs such as advisory fees. In such a case, continued profit-sharing could be a solution: Revenue-based payments or a stake in the company can be agreed as a fee. This eases the burden on the company and allows it to pay when success arrives.

We can discuss which fee model is best and fairest for your company and me. 


Just give me a call!
Fon: +49 (5261) 97 47 640