You concentrate on developing your company - I apply for the state funding that you need.

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Since 1999, I have been supporting applications for individual funding in the region of EUR 50,000 and 40 million.


“EINSPARZÄHLER” (Energy Saving Counter)

Better smart measurement than thick insulation - state funding for energy-saving digital technology.

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Clever policy sets the right framework and gives convincing financial incentives to the economy. This can be in the form of subsidies, subsidised loans, guarantees or shares - my advice focuses specifically on the so-called "lost" subsidies - i.e. financial resources that a company does not have to repay even if, for example, a development project could not be completed successfully. 

The objectives of state funding include research & development, investment in new jobs, climate and environmental protection and energy saving.

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There are (literally!) hundreds of funding programmes from the federal government of Germany, federal states and the European Union that can be identified as the right funding for your project. It is worthwhile to examine all the different effects that a planned project could have on the economy and society.

There is one golden rule: Only the future will be funded, never the past! Only after a funding decision has been made can expenses and costs be settled and subsidies requested.

Subsidies are a matter for the boss: We are usually talking of six to seven-figure sums here! 

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